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How to Learn More from MLM

Posted by Jun Bumanlag

In MLM, we need a lot to learn. Because MLM is a huge industry, so there is no limit of knowledge. You need to earn knowledge to become successful in this business. No matter what ever you know in life, the MLM is a different thing and you need more knowledge to become more successful. Many people thought that MLM is very easy. Just join a bunch of people or sale some goods and my business is done! Is this is so easy that I get to have the royalty income by doing this less effort, then everybody could succeed in MLM. Am I wrong? This is like building an automated industry which will keep selling and selling. Imagine how much effort you have to give to build a real industry? Thats right, you have to give the same effort in your MLM business because someday it will give you golden eggs.

Act like a fool
Many people asks me how to do this business. I answer them learn more. It is true and you must follow it. I have write about many sources of MLM knowledge here. Now Im gonna tell you how you will learn more. The great tip to learn more is to act like a fool. Here in this industry, many people define MLM in many way. Join in conversations with them. Listen to them and listen whatever they say. They will give you new ways and ideas for doing this business. They will also suggest you some tips to try. I know not everything will interest you. You will find something un-useful. Don't try to teach him when he is wrong. Take the good things from him and remove the bad ones. People like to give advice to others, but if you try to teach him he wont teach you later. Acting like a fool or knowing nothing will make other to give you new informations and ideas. Don't worry, because the real wise people always keeps silent and acts like fool to understand everything

Listen to others
If you want others to listen you, then listen to others. It is a very tough skill and I'm trying years to achieve this skill. When your upline/ leader talks with you, then don't talk in the middle. When you find something wrong in him and try to stop him, then he will loose interest talking with you. Many people don't listen to others and keep talking no matter he is hearing or not. This is a bad habit. Your upline always wants to give new ideas to you because if you succeed, he will too. So take his goods and don't take bads. He may talk wrong because nobody is perfect, Not even I. For example, I have wrote many articles here. Not every article will satisfy you, someone may bore you. This is my point. Listen to learn more. When a prospect talks, listen to him and let him finish. When he will find that you are interested in him, he will put interest to hear from you. So start learning more to be successful in what do you say, am I right?


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